Customers Say They Can’t Pick Up New iPhones at Apple Stores

On Friday, many Apple customers reported that they couldn’t pick up new iPhones and Watches at the company’s stores.

At the time of preordering iPhones, consumers have options to choose between shipping their device to their homes or picking them up from Apple’s retail store.


There have been some systems set at Apple stores to complete the transaction process upon the customer’s arrival, but that infrastructure had launch day hiccups.

Some of the Twitter users from Palo Alto, California to Short Hills, New Jersey, had a testimony of being jammed waiting in long queues at an Apple Store to get their pre-purchased iPhone XS or XS Max due to an error occurred with Apple’s systems.

A former Microsoft executive named Steven Sinofsky tweeted about Apple retail stores “Can’t pick up phones today.” No response came from Apple for that comment.

According to Mac Rumors readers, several Apple stores have been having a little hard time due to some technical issues with fulfilling the requirements of in-store pickups orders for their customers. Apple customers with a reservation for iPhones and Apple Watches have started to cancel their reservations and purchased instead from walk-in stocks of the stores.

Some of the customers with iPhone reservations have been sent out emails from Apple. Customers have been told that a “logistical” issue was delaying their orders. No statement has yet been made by Apple regarding the scale of the issues and what affected customers need to do.

However, the issue will only be able to upset Apple temporarily. We know that the company does not tend to see an extended long weekend run and rush when the newest models of its signature product happen to be available.

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