How to Personalize Alexa Skills

Alexa, the digital personal assistant, is an example of new technology and it is something that almost everyone wants to have. Amazon is now allowing its customers to edit the Alexa Skill and responses. By visiting the Amazon Skill Blueprint, you can customize the Alexa Skills and compose every response on the replies of this amazing artificial intelligence assistant. With the help of templates in the Amazon Skill Blueprint, you can modify or personalize an answer into a joke, questions, etc. But doing that could get complicated, but with the right guidance, anyone can make the Alexa Skills more interesting. So let’s see the correct approach to personalize Alexa Skills.

Here how to personalize Alexa Skill

  1. Visits and log into Amazon account.
  2. Select a type of skill from the categories – Learning & Knowledge, At Home, Fun & Games and Storyteller.
  3. Each category has skill templates which you must choose to create the skill, hence select a template.
  4. Click the Make Your Own button.
  5. Select the Play button to listen to the sample of the skill.
  6. You edit the question and answer in the Quiz Skill template.
  7. Press Edit Q&A button from the bottom. Now you will be able to add a question.
  8. Go to the upper right and click the Next: Experience button.
  9. Here, you can customize the quiz name and the greetings that Alexa will use.
  10. Type in the box and edit the statement for Alexa when the skill is launched.
  11. Edit or add the player greetings which Alexa will pick randomly.
  12. You can change the sound effect and the reply from Alexa for players answers.
  13. Edit the winner response by changing the sound effect.
  14. Change what Alexa will speak when the contender wins.
  15. Now click the Next: Name button from upper right side to change the name of the quiz.
  16. Click the Next: Create Skill button and proceed to Update Account button.
  17. Now your skill will be created which might take some time.
  18. Once done, you will be notified. If you want to change it, then you can edit the skills as well.
  19. Go to Skills You’ve Made page and select the skill you want to share.
  20. Find and open Your Skill Actions box.
  21. Now click on the Share With Others option.
  22. You will be prompt to confirm if the content is deliberated for children. Here you will need to select the appropriate answer.
  23. Click on Yes and you can select the option from the list appeared.

Alexa is an example of Artificial Intelligence technology with its responses as per the users’ need. Still, the developer gave the opportunity to the customers build custom responses and question to enhance the enjoyment and experience of using Alexa. As you have personalized the Alexa Skill, now you can enjoy quizzing with you made up question answers and amaze your friends.

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